Sophia Wolfe is a Vancouver based contemporary dance artist who also works in visual media including photography, film, and video art. Sophia started dancing at the age of three and completed her post secondary dance training in Vancouver through Modus Operandi, where she was featured in works by Justine A. Chambers, Out InnerSpace Dance Theatre, Wen Wei Wang and Crystal Pite. Sophia’s dancing has lead her to tour nationally and internationally with Company 605, and has more recently worked with Co-Erasga and with independent choreographer Chick Snipper. Sophia has participated in workshops such as ImpulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival, Deltebre Danza in Spain and The Toronto Dance Community’s Love-In; training with artists/companies such as David Zambrano, Rootless Root, Frey Faust, Ame Henderson and Laura Airs. Outside of dance performance, Sophia has created and presented video installations through Vancouver's Contemporary Art Gallery mentorship program. Sophia is also the Artistic Director of FORM Festival ( Festival of Recorded Movement).

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